How do I take my Texas proctored exam with Examity?

Ready to schedule and take your proctored final exam? Follow the steps below to sign up for and complete your test with Examity!   

1. Click “Schedule Your Exam” on the course exam page.RE_Can_I_schedule_my_final_exam_same-day_.png

Clicking this will bring you to our exam proctor’s website, which will be the dashboard where you can access all of your exam needs: scheduling, rescheduling, starting the test, etc. Our proctoring is done by Examity.
2. If it’s your first proctored exam with Examity, you’ll have to fill out your profile before you can schedule your exam.
Fill out the Time Zone and upload a photo of your government IDIt can be any form of ID, as long as it is government issued and has your photo on it! 
3. Next, check the requirements of your computer by clicking the “Computer Requirements Check” link at the top of the page. 
This test takes about 60 seconds and will make sure that your computer is all set for the exam. If you experience any difficulties, you can reach out to Examity's customer support at 855-EXAMITY, email, or chat (links found on your dashboard) to troubleshoot.
4. Schedule a time that works for you!
Go back to the dashboard and click “Schedule Exam.” This will bring you to a page where you can select your exam time.
In order to get to the calendar, you’ll need to set “Course Name” to the course exam you’re about to take, then set “Exam Name” to Course Assessment.
Use the calendar to pick a day and time that works for you and click “Schedule.” Follow the steps to confirm your appointment. 
If you wish to take a test in the next 24 hours, please select the "on-demand scheduling" button. Please note, you will be charged a $5 fee (plus tax).
5. Study!
You can use the time before your scheduled exam to take some of our practice tests. These will help you know which areas you’ve got down and which ones you should work on. 
We also recommend looking over the Course Study Guide that you received in your email, which contains the summary chapters for each level.
6. Get ready for the test 
There are a few steps you should take to get you and your computer ready for proctoring:
  • Make sure you have a clean, uncluttered desk area
  • Close all browser windows and tabs except the ones you need for proctoring
  • Get your government-issued ID ready for the proctor to check
  • Get a calculator, pencil, and scratch paper ready
Use a laptop or desktop computer to sign into your AceableAgent course
Please note that tablets, Chromebooks, and cell phones do not meet Examity requirements, so you will need a standard laptop or desktop computer. 
When you’re ready to take your test, go to the dashboard. Make sure the right course is selected and click “Resume Course.” You should do this 10-15 minutes before your scheduled exam time.
8. Connect to your proctor
Go back to the proctoring page of the course and click “Connect to Proctor.” This will take you out to the proctoring website. 
9. Start the exam process
You’ll be taken back the same page where you scheduled your exam. This time, click the “Start Exam” button. Then, click the “Connect to Proctoring” button.
10. Get set up
You may have to wait a little bit for your proctor to become available. Once they are, they’ll begin by verifying your identity. Once that’s finished, click “Proceed.” At that point, a window will pop up (make sure you have your pop-up blocker off!), which will prompt you to connect to your proctor.
This popup will do 1 of 2 things: 
  • It will ask you to download the proctoring software (either GoToMeeting or Zoom). Click the download file and install the software on your computer. Then you will be connected with your proctor.
  • Or if you already have the software on your computer, it will open the software and connect with your proctor.
11. Agree to the agreements
Once you’re connect to the proctor, they will check your ID against the photo you uploaded. Once they verify you as the test taker, you’ll read and agree to the user agreements. These state the rules of the test and that you understand how the process works. If you have any questions about these, feel free to ask your proctor and they can explain it.
Click “Next.”
12. Take the test!
Now you’re ready to roll. Click “Begin Exam” and you’ll be brought back to the course proctoring page. The proctor will enter their ID in their provided box and unlock your test. Although the box may appear greyed out, they can still enter their ID! 
This test is multiple choice and you have two hours to complete it. You’ll get your results as soon as you’re finished and if you pass, your certificate should be emailed to you within the hour. And that’s it! You’re all done with the final exam.


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