I am having trouble filling out my profile.

When filling out your profile information, make sure to fill it out with your legal information. That means no nicknames, no fake addresses, etc!

If you need to change your profile information, contact our Student Concierges to get that taken care. Due to state regulation, your profile is locked to prevent any changes from being made due to the identity verification questions you are required to answer.

We’ll go through each section of the profile that you will encounter.

Basic Information

  • Email address – make sure to put down an email that is correct. We need a valid email address in order to email you a completion certificate (pre-license only) or a confirmation that your credit has been reported to TREC (continuing education only).
  • Phone number – put down a real phone number that we can reach you at if you have questions or we need to notify you about your account.
  • First name – use your legal first name! This is required in order for us to issue your certificate (pre-license only) or correctly report your credit to TREC (continuing education only).
  • Middle initial – this is optional. If you have a middle name, please use the first letter of your middle name.
  • Last name – use your legal last name! This is required in order for us to issue your certificate (pre-license only) or correctly report your credit to TREC (continuing education only). That means that if you have a hyphenated last name or more than one last name, you’ll need to type the whole thing out.
  • Gender – we respect all forms of gender expression, but because it is a state record, they will only accept the options of male or female.
  • Birthday – if you’re on the website, type it in the format of MM/DD/YYYY (example: 01/01/2001) or click on the calendar. If you’re on the app, you can select the month, the day, and the year.

Legal Address

  • Street – type in the street number and the name of the street.
  • Apartment – if you live in an apartment, this is your unit number. If you live in a house, leave this blank.
  • City – this is the city associated with the address.
  • State – this is the state associated with the address.
  • Zip Code – this is a five-digit number at the end of your address.

Additional Information

  • How Did You Find Us - we want to know how you found AceableAgent.
    Below are the different options:
    • Family/Friends
    • Web Search
    • App Store
    • Social Media
    • State Site
    • Other
    • Referral
  • Agent/Broker License Number – this is a 6 digit number. You can find it on TREC's website.
  • Expiration Date – this is the date that your real estate license expires. You can find it on TREC's website.
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