Virtual Instructor

AceableAgent is testing our new Virtual Instructor feature to instantly answer student questions about the course content. In select courses, it’s available for free to all students on all platforms and devices.

What is It? 

Virtual Instructor is an in-course chat that allows you to ask Ace questions about any topic in the course content.

How Does it Work?

Virtual Instructor uses artificial intelligence (AI) to quickly and effectively answer your questions as you learn. It’s specially designed to help you ace your course! If you opt-in to try the feature, you will see Ace’s robot face in the bottom left corner of your screen any time you’re inside a chapter (except during questions/activities and assessments). Click on Ace to start a chat. Type in your content question and get an answer right away!   

It’s Free?

Yes! We're providing it to students free of charge. We want to gather as much info and feedback as possible during this time. Virtual Instructor isn’t perfect yet, but we believe it will be a valuable resource for our students, and your feedback will help make it even more valuable in the future.

Best Ways to Use It

Virtual Instructor is great at answering one specific, relevant question at a time. You can ask as many questions as you want, but for best results submit question at a time. If you have a follow-up question, try phrasing it as a new question that can “stand on its own” without the context of your previous conversation - Ace can’t remember your previous comments yet.  Questions that yield the best results are clear, concise, and specific. 

Try asking Ace for clarification, examples, definitions, summaries, and more! It’s a great resource for when you’re feeling stuck, confused, struggling to recall a topic, or just extra curious about what you’re learning.

Keep in mind that Virtual Instructor is specialized for questions about your course’s content. You may not get very good answers if you ask questions that are unrelated to the course content, vague, or contain too many parts. Try to stay on topic, and try to avoid asking Ace for any personal or legal advice – he hasn’t passed the bar yet.

Risks and Limitations

The Aceable team has rigorously tested this feature and believes that it will be beneficial to our students in this phase of their course journeys. Even so, this technology is new, and we have a lot to learn about how well it meets student needs and how we can make it even better. We cannot yet guarantee that all Virtual Instructor responses will be 100% accurate or in line with Aceable’s content standards.  Regardless, be assured that we would not release this feature to students if we believed there was a significant risk of harming student learning.

We take academic integrity seriously, so you’ll notice that Virtual Instructor is not available while you are taking assessments or exams. In fact, it can’t even access them, so you’re still on your own when it’s time to demonstrate what you know. 

Please also note that in its current form, Virtual Instructor struggles with some math problems - especially complex word problems (hey, we all had our weak subject in school, right?). 


If you opt-in to try out Virtual Instructor, let us know what you think! The easiest option is to select the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ icon to give a general review of how well Ace answered your question. You can also choose to send us more detailed feedback about any problems you encounter. And of course, if Ace doesn’t sufficiently answer your question, you are welcome to contact our Customer Experience team and/or your course instructor for good ol’ human help. 

Most importantly, this feature is NOT intended to make it harder to get the answers you need from a human if necessary, so rest assured that we’re still here to help if you need us!

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