Accessing and Using PrepAgent by Aceable

What is PrepAgent?

PrepAgent is a suite of exam study tools designed to help students prepare for both the state and national portions of the real estate exam.


PrepAgent includes:

  • Thousands of state-specific & national practice questions with clear explanations
  • Over 75 real estate exam prep videos
  • Online interactive flashcards and worksheets to study common terms and concepts
  • An exam prep ebook
  • Audio lessons to study on the go
  • Hundreds of hours of recorded webinars
  • Regular live online webinars going over different exam topics, vocabulary, and student questions


How do I access PrepAgent?

If you’ve purchased an AceableAgent Deluxe or Premium pre-licensing package, then you have access to use PrepAgent, but you must first activate your account on

Shortly after you purchased your AceableAgent package, you should have been sent an email from us with the subject line "Your PrepAgent account registration information." If you can search and locate that email in your inbox or bulk folder, it will contain a link to easily create your account

If you’re not able to find that email or if you have any questions, you can reach out to our our Support team.

If you’ve already activated your PrepAgent account, then you can sign into your account here and continue with your studying.


Can I use PrepAgent if I purchased a Basic package?

The AceableAgent Basic pre-license package includes some study tools already, but for students looking for even more, PrepAgent can be purchased separately for 1-week, 1-month, or 3-months at a time. You only need to decide how long you need to prepare for the exam. And if you need more time, no problem; you can renew your account for as long as you’d like.

Visit our Exam Prep page to learn more about PrepAgent and everything that’s included.


When should I start using PrepAgent?

Our data shows that students who use PrepAgent while taking their pre-licensing course are significantly more likely to complete the course and pass the course exam. All states have different course lengths, so we recommend that you start getting acquainted with PrepAgent and begin using the service when you’re approaching the end of your AceableAgent pre-licensing course. With the Deluxe and Premium bundles, you’ll get 3-months of access included, but you will have the option to renew for more time should you need it.


How should I get started with PrepAgent once I have access?

Studying for the real estate exam can feel daunting at first, so we’ve prepared two guides to help you get started. The first is a study guide designed to help you strengthen your fundamentals and study in an organized fashion, and the second will give you some good tips on preparing for and taking the exam:


We recommend that you begin your exam prep by learning the real estate vocabulary and definitions really well. This is the language for the exam, and it will make other parts of your studying easier. Within our Vocabulary Worksheet tool, you’ll find a helpful tutorial video under “Recommended usage instructions.” In our experience, students who use the Vocabulary Worksheet to create their own 3-5 word “keyword” definitions will learn the vocabulary faster and remember it for longer. You can access the Vocabulary Worksheet and tutorial here:


Once you feel confident about the vocabulary terms, start using the audio and video lessons to improve your conceptual understanding of them. After that, you can begin taking practice exams to test and sharpen your knowledge. Spending a couple weeks here can really help you improve your scores!


As you take practice exams, make sure you’re not memorizing the questions. Instead, try to recognize what each question is testing you on and connect that to a keyword, vocabulary term, or concept. You want to be able to understand what the real exam is testing you on, regardless of any tricky wording or confusing question formats. If you don’t understand why you got a question wrong, interrupt your practice exam and research it using one of the following resources:


Your goal should be to get your practice exam scores up to 80–85% on the 100-question practice exams in every category. We’ve found this to be the best indicator that you’re prepared for the actual exam.


And if you haven’t already, we recommend joining PrepAgent’s private Facebook group, where you can get support and help from others who are taking the exam or just passed:

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