How do I study for my licensing exam?


Effectively studying for final exams is an important part of acing the test, and we are here to help!


Study Tip 1: Make the Most of Mastery Tracking

If you look at the course overview on the left-hand side of you AceableAgent account and click on a level, you can see lightning bolts on any chapters where you struggled to answer pop-up questions correctly. This should give you a great idea of areas that you should to go back and review.



Once you have reviewed the recommended chapter, click the three pink dots to the right of the chapter to mark it as reviewed! The image below will walk you through the process:



Review Strategy: Partner Up

Create a study guide for a level that you need to review and have a friend or family member quiz you! Be sure to have a detailed answer key that they can use to check your accuracy.



Study Tip 2: Review Course Level Summaries

Just like you can’t build a strong house on a weak foundation, it is important to consistently reinforce your basic knowledge as you move through your Pre-License coursework. One great way to do this is by going back and reviewing the Level Summaries as you work through the course.


The Level Summaries look like this, and can be found at the end of each level:



Review Strategy: Spiraling

At then end of every level, practice a strategy called “spiraling” by going back and reviewing the summaries for each level that you have already completed. Notice that some concepts feels foggier than they did the when you first completed the level? Try making flashcards or jotting them down on post-its that you can place where you will see them frequently!



Study Tip 3: Practice The Test

Be sure to take the 60 question practice test included with your AceableAgent course until feeling confident with the material!


Review Strategy: Keep it Real

When you take your Aceable final exam, you will not have any access to your study tools. Rather than taking your practice test open book, create a mock testing environment by setting a timer and clearing your space of all study materials. This will give you a more accurate idea of how you will score on the final exam, and will also help you create an accurate list of terms and concepts to review!



Study Tip 4: Review the Key Terms PDF

You can find this handy document in the Resources section of your course. It is a PDF with every single vocabulary word you’ll encounter!



Review Strategy: Fishbowl

In search of a hands on study technique? Print out the vocabulary words, fold each one in half and throw them in a bowl. Answer them one by one, returning the word to the bowl if you get it wrong. Keep working until the bowl is empty!



Study Tip 5: Review Course Summary PDFs

Once you complete the course, you will be emailed a handy study guide called a Course Summary. It is made up of every Level Summary, so it covers all of the important objectives throughout the course.


Review Strategy: Adapt your Tools

Everyone has a different way of learning, so adapt your tools to work for you!

  • Try printing the Course Summary and using highlighters to color code key information.
  • Annotate the PDF, being sure to mark information that still needs to be mastered so that you can use your study time efficiently.
  • Convert the PDF into a deck of flashcards using either notecards or an online flashcard generator, then review them during any down time you have before the exam.


Study Tip 6: Stick with Facts of a Feather

We have built a super engaging tool into our coursework called “Facts of a Feather”! Think of them as fancy flashcards that will pop up during the content-rich portions of the course to test your mastery and keep you on the path to success. They are currently available in the course for Principles 1 and Principles 2, but will be rolled out for the other courses in no time!


Review Strategy: Stay Engaged

Remember when we talked about building a strong foundation? Tools like Facts of a Feather are designed to keep you focused on the most important information. As you work through the course, make a note of these details so that you have a strong foundation as you continue to build up your Real Estate knowledge.




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