What is the process for taking a proctored final exam with AceableAgent?

When you are ready to take your final exam with AceableAgent, a list of proctors will be provided to you in our course! You can also find it attached to this article.

Please note that some proctors may be offering limited services or modified availability due to Covid-19.

Follow these steps to take your proctored final exam:

  1. Find a proctoring location
The first step when you finish the course is scheduling your final exam. To do this, click View list of proctors” to see available locations.
  1. Schedule your exam
Once you find a location and proctor that works for you, call or email them to schedule a time to take the exam. 
  1. Prep for the exam! 
We have a couple things available to help you study, including a study guide and practice tests. You can find these in the Study Tools section of the course menu.
Some other things you’ll need to take the exam:
  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • A government-issued ID
  • A basic calculator
  • Blank sheets of paper
  1. Go get proctored!
Once you get checked into the proctoring location, pull up your Aceable course to the last screen.
  • If you’ve haven’t been back through the course at all, you’ll be dropped back onto this page.
  • If you have been reviewing, you can easily get back to this page by clicking Continue Course
  1. Get your proctor’s email address
Ask the proctor for the email address where they want to receive the unlock code. Enter it in the field provided and click Send instructions
Note: if you’re sending the email but the proctor isn’t receiving it, tell them to check their spam folder. It might be hiding in there.
  1. Have the proctor unlock the test
The email we sent them includes their code to unlock your exam. They can entire it in the Exam unlock password” field in the For proctor use only” area.
Once the proctor starts typing, the Unlock exam” button will become clickable.
  1. Take the test!
This test is in a similar format to your other course exams. Here is what you can expect:
  • 75 questions
  • 70% to pass
  • 2 attempts
  • 3 hour time limit
Good luck, we hope you ace it!


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