How do I take the final exam for my 90-hour pre-license course?

Your final exams for the 90-hour Pre Licensing course and the 6-hour Contracts Course are both proctored in person. 

For both exams, you'll be prompted to take them once you complete the entire course. Check out the steps below to learn how to complete this step in your licensing journey:

Step 1: Determine where you'll take your proctored final exam.

It's important that you find a proctor that meets the state's requirements. Check them out below:
  • You must have your exam proctored at a state approved educational facility. These include: local public libraries, local community colleges or universities, learning centers, or local high schools.
  • Your proctor should be a professional business person or educator and must be employed by your proctoring location.
  • Unacceptable proctoring facilities and/proctors include:
    • Education centers at businesses
    • Anyone working in the real estate industry
    • Realtors offices
    • Real Estate schools
    • Real Estate brokers
    • Real Estate instructors 
    • Anyone related to you by blood, marriage, or any other relationship.

Step 2: At the testing center, log into your course and click the button to begin your final exam. You'll be prompted to enter your proctor's email address.

Step 3: Your proctor will receive a code to activate your exam. Once they enter it on your device, you're ready to take your final exam! 

Step 4: Your proctor will also receive a form called ED-200 when they receive your password. They will need to complete this form prior to you leaving the testing center - be sure to check in with them before you hit the road! 


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