How do I take my on-demand exam with Examity?

First, let’s get set up for success. Review this article to ensure you use a device that meets the Examity test-taking requirements.

Now that you have your equipment ready to go, it’s time to create your Examity profile and take your exam. Keep reading and we will walk you through the process step by step.

Note: Online proctoring is not available for courses in Arizona, New York, or South Carolina.

    • If you need assistance with taking your Arizona course final exam, click here!
    • If you need assistance with taking your New York course final exam, click here!
    • If you need assistance with taking your South Carolina course final exam, click here!

We also offer scheduled online proctoring options that pair you with a live exam proctor in an online setting for courses in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Virginia. If you are taking a course in one of those states and would prefer to schedule a session with an online proctor, click here!


Launching Examity and Creating a Profile

  1. Go to the course final exam page on your AceableAgent account and gather your test materials.

    • Allowed testing materials:
      • Government issued ID
      • Laptop charger/Plugged in Desktop
      • Handheld calculator
      • Scrap paper and writing device
      • A drink on your desk
    • Unauthorized testing materials:
      • Phones
      • Headphones
      • Smart watches
      • Dual Monitors
  2. When you are ready to start your exam, click the blue “Launch Examity” buttonScreen_Shot_2023-05-18_at_11.42.35_AM.png

  3. If this is your first AceableAgent exam, you will be prompted to complete a profile with Examity. Don’t worry, you only have to complete this step once! You will need to provide:
    1. Name, email, phone number, timezone
    2. A picture of your photo ID (you can take this using your webcam on Examity or upload a picture from your computer)
    3. Challenge questions and answers to help verify your identify later in the process
  4. Once you have completed your profile, you will see the following screen: 

At this step, you can check system settings to make sure everything is working properly for your exam by clicking the orange “Check if your system meets Examity requirements” button and following the steps. This is an optional step - if you want to skip it, click the white “Skip to exams dashboard” button to continue

Select Your Exam and Launch the Examity Overlay

Note: If you are taking courses for the state of Texas, California, and Colorado, your coursework contains multiple final exams. Before proceeding with the following steps, be sure your AceableAgent dashboard is set to the correct course you wish to take the exam for!

  1. From the exam dashboard, select the exam you want to take by clicking the orange “START EXAM” buttonScreen_Shot_2023-05-18_at_11.44.44_AM.png
  2. Install the Examity extension to your browser by following the steps below:
    1. Click ADD EXTENSION, and a new tab will open in the google chrome marketplace page for the Examity extension
    2. Click ADD TO CHROME
    3. Confirm the install in chrome by clicking ADD EXTENSION
    4. Chrome will ask for permission to access the camera and microphone by clicking ALLOW on the chrome popup that will appear in the upper left of your screen
  3. Return to the exams dashboard page and verify your identity by:
    1. Taking or uploading a photo of your photo ID (this will be used to check against the photo ID you uploaded on profile creation, so be sure to use the same one)
    2. Answering a challenge question
  4. Read the test directions and click the orange “I’M READY” button to begin.
  5. You will be prompted to share your screen - share the whole screen or the window for best results
  6. Return to your course on AceableAgent. Your screen will now look like this:


Unlocking and Completing Your Exam Attempt

  1. On your AceableAgent course page, click the orange “INSERT PASSWORD” button to unlock your exam in your Aceable courseScreen_Shot_2023-05-18_at_11.48.40_AM.png
  2. You will be prompted to complete a room scan. Be sure to follow the guidelines closely to avoid any complications validating your score. When complete, click the blue “I have completed the room scan” button. You will then be asked to double-confirm you have completed the room scan properly
  3. You will then see the final pre-exam screen which contains details about your exam. Click the blue “Take the [NAME OF YOUR EXAM] Final Exam” button
  4. Complete your exam in Aceable platform and submit your answers upon completion
  5. You will then see your exam results
    1. If you received a failing score, you will be locked out of another exam attempt for the duration of time that was remaining from the failed attempt. After that, you can make another attempt immediately or whenever you would like by repeating the steps above.
    2. If you received a passing score, you will get a message saying that you received a passing score and that this result is preliminary, pending a review of their exam attempt recording. Your certificate will take up to 5 business days to be created and you will receive an email when your certificate is ready
  6. You’re done! Click the blue “End Proctoring Session” on the right-hand side of your screen to close the browser tab. This will also cause the Examity extension to uninstall itself
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